Collection: Hydration Backpacks & Reservoirs

Caribee’s range of hydration backpacks extend from industrial grade models to recreational specification and cover all price points in between. As a supplier to leading Australian industries, the Caribee range of high visibility hydration packs, such as the popular Nuke 3L and Hi Vis Flow 2L are made from Australian Standards Approved high visibility materials, incorporate reflective tape and include high performance 3L or 2L reservoirs to ensure they perform in extreme conditions. 

Australian Standards Approved

It is important to check when purchasing any high visibility clothing, that it complies with the Australian Standards and that the clothing selected is appropriate for the environment it is being used. All Brahma high visibility jackets have been designed to meet tough Australian Standards.

To meet Australian Standards Day/Night, selected Brahma garments comply with:
· AS/NZ 4602: 2011 High visibility safety garments - Garments for high risk applications
· AS/NZ 1906.4: 2010 Retroreflective materials and devices for road traffic control purposes High visibility materials for safety garments. (plus Amendment 1; 2014)