Lightweight Rainwear

High Visibility & 100% Waterproof

Brahma’s range of lightweight rainwear incorporates the two most important requirements of any waterproof garment, that being 100% waterproof and material breathability. The Brahma Hurricane and Typhoon styles utilise a PU coated waterproof shell material and all sewn seams are tape sealed to ensure you stay dry in the wettest conditions.

Breathability is the ability of a fabric to allow moisture vapor to be transmitted through the material. Due to body heat and moisture there is almost always higher heat and humidity inside clothing, especially in a workwear scenario. This creates a differential pressure forcing the heat and humidity toward the outside of the fabric and if a garment is not breathable, this will cause a vast increase in moisture. Both the Hurricane and Typhoon garments have been designed and constructed using the latest breathable materials to ensure that you are not only protected from the rain on the outside, but the moisture and humidity on the inside.